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My Story





My name is Katina, I founded Authentic Entrepreneurs and Lifephosis to share my message and live my purpose. I am dedicated full time to writing, educating and inspiring people to create a meaningful business with massive results.

We are living in an era that traditional leadership, careers and businesses are evolving rapidly and technology is arming pretty much everyone with an opportunity to create a business. We live in a new reality where tools are very accessible and start-up investments are affordable.

At the same time, creativity and ideas are emerging as consequence of changes and transitions. There is a group of people that are starting businesses, working as freelancers, forming communities and movements,etc;that we haven’t seen before. A new economy has emerged where purpose-driven individuals are allowing themselves to create a lifestyle doing what they love doing it and in their own terms. This also allows them to reach the globe with their message, transforming lives and getting paid for that.

When I left my 20+ years of global corporate job, I was left equipped with invaluable experience and knowledge but in many ways I was far from my own essence.  All I wanted was to allow myself to create something that represents my essence that I can serve the world. In that quest I embark myself into a journey of training but after lots of money and “shelf” development (you know what I mean), I found that most of the programs out there are designed for the “instant gratification junkies”, trying to fit us into a “one size” structure

I only started moving ahead in crafting my ideas when I was assisted by the right mentors and first, they helped me to uncover my Purpose Leadership. I reshaped my own definition of success and stopped chasing happiness as an ultimately goal in life, instead, I chose Growth and Transformation. Creating businesses became my most profound journey of personal development. I am now inspired to build a fulfilled life, share my authentic gift and do whatever it takes to reach my full potential.

Now it is your turn.

We have something new to say about building, running and growing a business. We have created a series of programs to assist you navigate your own transition; to help you find your own answers. We will equip you with tools, principles and strategies to gain clarity on what fuels your fire. You will learn how to begin, when and how to launch, and how to create a powerful experience to your customers. You will learn principles that will power your mindset in managing and growing your business  

My wish is that courageous people like you who want to live their potential and have a strong desire of service, will join us to challenge my ideas and contribute with your own thoughts to a community that nurtures purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs.

Actions are Progress

With Gratitude, 


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