Individuals, business owners and company leaders frequently complain about falling short on achieving goals and sometimes they attribute that to lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of direction and even external environment. The “under achieving” perception creates frustration and build a sense of failure which along the road it limits the ability to move forward and succeed.

What people don’t realize is that not being able to achieve goals is not a problem in itself; on the contrary, it is a feedback mechanism reflecting a conflict between setting goals and the underlying purpose and set of priorities of every individual and organization. 

Once the Purpose and the set of priorities are discovered and unleashed, you have the power to transform massively your success and results.

Authentic Entrepreneurs has created The “Purpose in Action” Strategy, a cutting edge program that will assist you to unlock your unique Purpose and set of priorities and to set strategies and goals congruent with them.

By the end of the program you will be empowered to take control of your vision, you will start maximizing your potential as you will have awakened your leadership, gained clarity, direction in your life and business.

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We have no shortage of ideas, products and services but often we struggle to sell them and drive the impact we desire for our customers. Often the problems are that we create the product for us, not for the customers. That is our ideas or products are not a reflection of our purpose and that we don’t have a clear formula to outline our message to be powerful and relevant to our customers. 

In our customer’s shoes, our products don’t matter to them, our title or experiences don’t matter to them; the purchase decision is made only when they perceive and feel that our product or service will solve their problems.

There is a way to create a powerful product and to outline it with relevance and impact to our customers that will allow you to level up your influence in your market

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 Traditional economic science associates profitability mostly to financial results. Indeed we all work hard to build financial results that allow us to create the life we desire. The truth is that hard work in itself is not enough to achieve these results.

Authentic Entrepreneurs believe that profitability is the ability to leverage your time that can produce the highest financial return. To achieve that, it is necessary to build the right mindset on Wealth Building and Self Mastery . 

Self- Worth– People who grow business concentrate on developing themselves and increasing their Self- worth, which ultimately will represent their Net- worth

Emotions- According to Warren Buffet “If you cannot manage your emotions, you cannot create wealth”. Managing your emotions is your first foundation in building a profitable business.

Time- Very often people concentrate on doing low priorities and low impact activities. It is not how much you can do in less time; it’s simply about concentrating on activities that are more aligned to your Purpose and hierarchy of priorities in order to produce the highest results.

Expand- Breaking the cycle time per money (or get paid per hour) will free your ability to grow your influence and impact and consequently bring more income

These are some of the concepts that Authentic Entrepreneurs will introduce to you as a part of a new paradigm or mindset about Profitability. The program will empower you with tools to work smart, streamline your process and ability to achieve the financial results you deserve

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This is a one-on- one work with Katina in any aspect of your transition. Katina will go behind the scenes with you and create a tailor-made program at your own pace. Each session is 90 minutes and it will include a 30 mins follow up session and of 4 weeks direct email access for any subsequent question.

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Authentic entreprenurs is a Global partner of Gr8 Women

Authentic Entreprenurs is a Global Partner of GR8 WOMEN



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